Dietary supplements



Active ingredient : ferrous fumarate 140 mg / 5 ml equivalent to 45 mg elemental iron / 5 ml

Dietary supplements

Prophylaxis and treatment of iron deficiency states.

For prophylaxis during pregnancy, a combination of iron and folic acid is usually recommended.


For oral administration

Prevention of iron deficiency:

Adults and elderly:

Anschlarin syrup one 5 ml spoonful twice a day.


6-24 months of age: 12.5mg/day

2-5 years of age: 20-30mg/day

6-11 years of age: 30-60mg/day

Older children: 60mg/day

Premature infants: 5mg elemental iron per day. Iron supplementation in premature infants is only recommended in those of low birth weight who are solely breast fed.Higher doses up to 2mg/kg of elemental iron per day might be needed to cover the needs of growing exclusively breastfed infants. Supplementation should be commenced 4-6 weeks after birth and continued until mixed feeding is established.

Treatment of iron deficiency:

Adults and elderly:

Anschlarin syrup two 5 ml spoonfuls twice a day


Full term infants and children: 3 to 6 mg elemental iron/Kg/day given in 2 to 3 divided doses. Total daily dose should not exceed 180 mg elemental iron.

Administration to infants and children should take place under medical advice.

Medical advice should be sought if symptoms do not improve after four weeks of use of this product as these symptoms may reflect an underlying disease process.